I'm sorry to say this site is not about the Jetpack Joyride mobile game. So why do I have the domain name www.jetpackjoyride.com you ask? Well that's a very interesting story.

In 2009 I started working on an independently developed game. The game revolves around - you guessed it - a jetpack. So I went in search of a catchy name with jetpack in the title. Originally I wanted to call it 'Jetpack Jim'. After a quick search on the internet to see if it was in use, I managed to find a game developed for older phones with that title, and decided to try find something not in use.

That led me to 'Jetpack Joyride'. Which I thought was the best name possible. I searched and found no one using it. So I grabbed the domain name www.jetpackjoyride.com in April of 2011. During the game's development I kept searching to see if anyone was making a jetpack themed game. A little while later I saw Halfbrick Studios were working on a game titled 'Machine Gun Jetpack'.

A few months of development passed and in around October 2011 as I was waking one morning, I loaded twitter to see the tweet 'Fruit Ninja developer sees same success with Jetpack Joyride'. After the shock and a bit of searching I saw that they had renamed their game from 'Machine Gun Jetpack' to 'Jetpack Joyride' a month or so before its release.

I'm still developing my independent game. Here are some screenshots of its progress below. I hope provide another update soon.


The domain was recently challanged by Half Brick, which was unsuccessful. You can view the decision here